An acrostic poem maker is an online tool which helps in walking through the process of making an acrostic poem easily. An online acrostic poem maker tool can aid in deciding on the descriptive words that can be used for the poem. It is a reliable tool that will certainly turn any idea into a beautiful looking poem.

An acrostic poem (or simply called 'acrostic', which comes from the French word 'acrostiche') is a poem wherein the first letter of each line in the text spells out a particular word or message. This type of poem is formed when a topic word is chosen and then spelled vertically. The topic word can be any kind of word, referring to any kind of subject (names, places, animals, situations, and many more). Each of letters of the topic word are then utilized in a sentence in order to describe the topic word itself.

The last words in an acrostic poem does not necessarily have to rhyme, however, every line in it should be relevant to the topic word. Acrostic poems are actually very easy to create because they only have a few simple rules to follow, and each line can be as long or as short, depending on the style being used by the writer. Here are five easy steps in creating an acrostic poem:

  • Come up with an idea on what to write about (topic word)
  • Write the word down vertically
  • Brainstorm words and phrases that will be able to describe the topic word
  • After deciding on which words to use, place these words on the lines which begin with the same letters
  • Fill in the remaining lines to make a good acrostic poem

As the creation of these poems is straightforward, the use of an acrostic poem maker will be able to make the writing process much easier and faster. This online tool can help writers in brainstorming words and save their works-in-progress to revise and edit, and these features reinforce elements of the writing process. With this tool, writers can also print their finished acrostic poems and share their works online by e-mailing it to their friends or posting it on various social media.